The NHMRC Research Program in Disorders of Human Sex Development (DSD) represents a consortium of three biomedical research laboratories based in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. We use a range of technologies to identify genes that may play a role in sex development, and determine how these genes function and interact during typical and atypical sex development.

We liaise with the clinical community through the Australasian Pediatric Endocrinology Group DSD Focus Group to provide new modes of diagnosing DSD, improve the accuracy of predicting how any specific DSD detected in childhood will affect later life, and allow more effective counselling and clinical management.

We are actively building communication channels (including this website) to ensure that research information arising from our Research Program reaches clinicians, people affected by DSD, and the broader public. We are developing a web database of DSD, correlating clinical and genetic information.



Last updated: 15 July 2015

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